Our Partners


Diagnostic Driving

Diagnostic Driving spun out of a research program at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia focusing on driving safety.

Diagnostic Driving offers a VTD (Virtual Driving Test) that is scientifically-validated, video game-like virtual road test that can provide insight about your driving habits and performance.

The Diagnostic Driving team has been an in-valuable resource in our driver-evaluation process.


Springside Chestnut Hill Academy

There’s always a first partner willing to go the extra mile to carve a new path. Springside Chestnut Hill is that partner and has supported activities ranging from logistics to driver coaching and relationship development.




As a Philly-based partner with Septa, among other leaders in the transportation space, Polynetworks has designed the in-vehicle monitoring tools that allows us to add another layer of safety to our business.


Michele Goodwin | Josh Pelta-Heller

Michele is the creative genius behind our logo, branding and marketing collateral. Josh, our photographer, is a regular contributor to Philly Mag and The Key, and recently had his work published in The Audubon.

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Global Verification Network

With deep roots in the Delaware Valley, this Veteran-owned/lead Private Investigation company covers all known gaps in judicial reporting systems. GVN provides all of our candidate credentialing, and ensures that we’ve checked and triple checked our driver history from many vantage points —beyond what’s required by the state. “Leaving no stone unturned.”