Our Mission:


We organize friendly transportation, offered by exceptional drivers.

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Our Mission

We connect kids and transportation, and we support amazing drivers. Our mission is Safety.

What does it take to be a shuttler? You’re an exceptional drivers who is fantastic with kids. You are kind, you are bursting with integrity, you see your work as a reflection of who you are. You’ve completed exhaustive background checks and driving evaluations. You’re in the top 4% of our applicant pool. Driving performance evaluations. Coaching. We’re providing you with the tools you need to do your job exceptionally well: Company-owned vehicles. Communication tools. GPS tracking. Dispatch support. Attendance tools. Basic vehicle maintenance training, career development and support. A competitive living wage and a consistent schedule.

Who are our customers? Families, schools and organizations that need to safely get small groups of kids where they need to go.

We provide you with the tools needed to join an existing group, organize your own or even hop-on.

ShuttleBee supports strong communication and excellence in logistics.



student trips completed

Routine, daily service in Center City, Fishtown, South Philly,West Philadelphia and Conchy.



Year over year growth

With our customers as advisers, we’ve taken a hands-on approach to solving the transportation dilemma for families. All while supporting responsible growth. Our Philadelphia community is our differentiation.



2 full time roles

We’ve grown this role into a full-time opportunity for two drivers who have taken on management responsibilities. Our job is not just to solve a problem for families, but to offer meaningful and well-compensated roles for our drivers.


Fall 2018

I would like to compliment Steve. You can see how he cares and he is very responsible. No wonder the families from last year requested him. Thank you for putting him in charge on our kids.

Queen Village Parent




Get Involved

Strategists. Urban Planners. Technologists. Financial Experts. Fleet Management experts. Work-from-home route monitors. Shuttlers. We’re looking to build a team of advisers, board members and support roles that can scale for tomorrow.

All we need is you.



Small Business owners can’t share enough about the joys and challenges of this work. Friends, we are an open book. From shadowing us to see if biz-ownership is for you to seeking an executive role with ShuttleBee, reach out to find your fit.


Whether you’re giving back to the community or looking to support a business that has helped your family, there are endless ways you can support through an advisory role. We would be thrilled to put your tremendous skill to good use.


Yes, we’re putting this out to the universe: ShuttleBee is actively fundraising our first round of equity/convertable investment from qualified groups, organizations or individuals. We are thrilled to have been selected to participate in the All Raise Bootcamp this summer. Our fundraising journey begins this Fall.